What is Rock Salt?


EGYPT ROCK SALT  is a wealth of gold equivalent in importance. The amount of rock salt in Egypt is estimated at 15 billion tons, which may double in the coming years, especially since it is the purest salt in the world..

Egypt’s salt exports reached 500 million pounds in 2011, but this figure may double eight times in the coming years to reach LE 4 billion. Egypt’s salt will become white gold, which will revive the hopes of the Egyptian mining sector in the presence of a new development locomotive

A salty fortune
The first meeting of the Export Council of Egyptian Mining Industries, which was set up in September, revealed the existence of a huge wealth of natural rock salt in Qatara and Siwa, exceeding 15 billion tons, which ranks Egypt among the top ten in the global salt industry.
Egypt’s exports of salt could double eight times to four billion pounds, instead of half a billion pounds now, if exported as raw salt. This figure is doubly high if salt ore is used in various industrial activities, thus opening the door to development prospects, to create thousands of jobs in Egypt